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Our Mission: To provide quality upscale garment
conditioning with modern 1st class customer service
while reducing our impact on the environment.

Hanger Recycling

Each year 8 billion plastic and wire hangers find their way into our municipal landfills, which makes up 85% of all hangers that are being produced. That is enough to fill the Empire State building, from basement to observation deck, 4.6 times! The dry cleaning industry alone uses 3.5 billion wire hangers each year, which is equivalent to 200 million pounds of metal or 60,000 automobiles. Well, here at The Green Shirt, we think that enough is finally enough. We proudly use as many recycled hangers as we can get our hands on and encourage our customers to bring in their old wire hangers so we can recycle them for you!

All of the hangers used by The Green Shirt donated to Wishing Well Enterprises Resource Center through The Mental Health Center of Denver.

For more information you may contact Wishing Well Enterprises at 303-504-6800 or visit http://mhcd.org/

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