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Our Mission: To provide quality upscale garment
conditioning with modern 1st class customer service
while reducing our impact on the environment.

Green Cleaning Process

The use of the harmful chemical Percoethelyne (PERC) is widespread throughout the dry cleaning industry and is extremely harmful to the environment, the garments and the individuals wearing them. The EPA states the following: "Perc is the most common cleaning solvent used in the dry cleaning industry, it is also suspected of causing cancer and has been found to be moderately toxic to people. It is classified as a pollutant in both air and water regulations. Its disposal is regulated as a hazardous waste". Our belief is that PERC will most likely be completely banned from use in the near future. The state of California has already prohibited any new dry cleaners to use PERC going forward and numerous other states have legislation pending.

The Green Shirt has partnered with locally owned and operated organic cleaning facility using Green Earth to provide customers with an environmentally safe alternative to the use of harmful chemicals on your clothing. This cleaning process uses a solution that is non-toxic, non-irritating to skin and contains no petroleum solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The solution is colorless and odorless and if it is released into the environment, it reduces to sand (siO2), H20 and CO2. The solution is superior to other organic cleaning processes in that it is not harmful to the clothing or the people using it and is powerful enough to leave even the dirtiest of garments looking, feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

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