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Our Mission: To provide quality upscale garment
conditioning with modern 1st class customer service
while reducing our impact on the environment.

Bag-less Dry Cleaning

Thousands of tons of plastic are thrown into landfills around the country each year from the disposal of dry cleaner cleaning bags. Here at the Green Shirt, we have made the commitment to leave clear plastic dry cleaning bags in the past where they belong. The Green Shirt uses eco friendly, reusable hanging garment/duffle bags provided by The Green Garmento www.thegreengarmento.com. The Green Garmento bag is made from a breathable, non-woven polypropylene. This is a recyclable material that does not trap harmful chemicals like plastic does. This reusable bag cuts down on the use of plastic bags thus reducing harm to the environment as well as to pets and children. We ask that our customers join us in helping to reduce our waste by putting down a $10.00 fully refundable deposit on your very own Green Garmento bag!

How It Works…

The Green Garmento bag system is so superb, you won’t even believe how easy it is to dry clean!

The Green Garmento doubles as a duffle bag with an over-the-shoulder strap so you can easily bring in your clothes to The Green Shirt. Your bag will have your name, phone number, and email attached to the bag itself, making drop offs a breeze! Just come in, hand one of our associates your Green Garmento and we will tell you when your clothes will be ready for pick up!

Once you receive your text message ready notification, simply come in and your clothes will be given to you hanging inside your Green Garmento! Eliminating the need for plastic! How wonderfully GREEN is that?

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